Victorian COVID-19 eLearning Competency

Welcome to the Victorian COVID-19 eLearning Competency.

This training package forms part of the pre-requisite training requirements authorising Victorian emergency authorised registered health professionals to prepare and/or administer COVID -19 vaccines in Victoria within their existing scope of clinical practice (in accordance with their Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Authority (AHPRA) registration and Victorian Medicines and Poisons regulatory approval). It does NOT authorise an individual to become an authorised immuniser for any other vaccines.

Other states and territories may have training requirements for the preparation and administration of COVID-19 vaccines that differ from Victoria. It is recommended you check with the relevant health department of other states and territories for further information.


There are four steps to training that must be completed by all members of the Victorian emergency authorised workforce. Completion of training must occur before they are eligible to prepare and administer COVID-19 vaccines:

  • Step 1 - complete this eLearning competency which contains the following modules:
    • The immune system and immunisation
    • Preparation for vaccination
    • Administering vaccines
    • Adverse events following immunisation

The aim of Step 1 is to assist health professionals to be appropriately trained and competent to deliver COVID-19 vaccines. A certificate will be issued after successful completion of this eLearning competency. This certificate must be provided to their employer prior to administering vaccines.

Following successful completion of all mandatory training, members of the Victorian emergency authorised workforce will work under ratio-based supervision arrangements to ensure they have the clinical oversight and support required to safely and competently prepare and/or administer COVID-19 vaccines. For further information about supervision arrangements and the current Public Health Emergency Orders for the Victorian COVID-19 vaccination program, refer to the Victorian COVID-19 vaccination guidelines or email

Please note the information presented in this package is correct at the time of publication. As COVID-19 is an evolving disease, the knowledge base is still being developed and some of the information may change. Updates will be made to this program as new information becomes available and will be displayed on this course page.

  • You do not have to complete the course in one sitting
  • Please allow approximately 3 hours to complete the course
  • Modules must be viewed in their entirety in order to progress further within the course
  • You must complete all modules and the quiz in order to be issued with your certificate
  • You must achieve 90% in the quiz in order to pass this eLearning competency. You have unlimited attempts for the quiz

Updates to this course:

  • 15/3/22 – previous Victorian COVID-19 eLearning competency superseded by updated course. Course updates include: Novavax recommendations and information added to course, Moderna recommendations updated to include paediatric population, paediatric consent forms updated (Pfizer and Moderna), multi-dose vial information updated and resources updated throughout. Individuals who have completed the previous version of the course are not required to retake the course but may do so for their own professional development.
  • 17/1/22 – previous Victorian COVID-19 eLearning competency superseded by updated course. Course updates include: inclusion of information on immunising the paediatric population, resources updated throughout.
  • 13/09/21 – previous Victorian COVID-19 eLearning competency superseded by updated course. Course updates include: division of course into 4 separate modules, updates to preparation of multi-dose vials, Preparing Comirnaty and other minor edits.
  • 30/08/21 – previous Victorian COVID-19 eLearning competency superseded by updated course.
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Course Includes

  • 5 eLearnings
  • 1 Quiz
  • Course Certificate